Longtangle is a fluffy sandy brown she-cat with white tabby paws and green eyes.


Longtangle is sweet but feirce in battle. She is lain-back and demanding.


She is seen in camp talking to Glitteringstar about taking some patrols out. Glimmerstar says that that's a good idea and when they get back training for fighting rats would be held. Longtangle points out that the only warrior they have is Jaggerstone, but Glorybird could hunt as she had just moved to the elders den. Glitterstar sighs saying that they're lacking cats. Longtangle points out an idea that they could recruit some loners that live on the edge of the territory as she had seen them hunting and they are very good. The two she-cats leave camp in search of the loners. Longtangle walks up to a dark gray muscular tom and introduces herself and Glimmerstar.

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